Best electric chopper bike in 2021

ebikezoom electric chopper bike

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While the term “chopper” is generally used to describe a motorcycle or bicycle that has had some of its original parts replaced with custom parts, today’s definition has grown to include custom motorcycles and bicycles that are low to the ground, usually with extended forks creating a long front end. When the chopper culture spreads, the electric chopper bike appears. Electric chopper bike is like chopper motorcycle but it is driven by electric engine instead of motor.


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Revolve is a major player in the Electric Bike market. With the unique design, the Revolve Chopper electric bike is one of the best chopper ebike you can buy in the market. This ebike is designed for riding comfort and the handlebars can be adjustable to exactly the rider’s desired position. The 750w Bafang motor allows riders to cruise at speeds up to 23mph and conquer any hill in the path. The bike is powered by a 48v 14ah Samsung cell battery. The rider will comfortably travel ranges from 30-50 miles. The controller which is waterproof, allows riders to ride in all types of weather. The unique look is obvious. The ebike are equipped with two different size Kenda fat tires. The front is 20” x 4.0 and the rear is 24” x 4.0. The frame is long so the rider can sit up and stretch out their legs.
ebikezoom-the- revolve-chopper-electric-bike
Key features:
the Micargi Cyclone is powered by a 500-watt direct-drive motor, equipped with lightweight lithium-ion Panasonic batteries. The bike frame has a popular cruiser design and has a low-rise frame, making it easy to mount and dismount immediately. This bike can go up to 24 mph and battery will last from 4-6 hours depending on the speed. Taking on any road becomes easy with the wide surface 26×4.0” Fat Tires that mute down the jerks’ impact. The disc brakes feature levers with motor inhibitors that can immediately bring the bike to a stationary position in a matter of minutes.
Key features:
The PLUM GT5 electric chopper bike is for the rider who are looking for a sleek ebike with style and performance. The PLUM GT5 features a 500W brushless rear hub, which will give you rapid acceleration in traffic, and propel you up the steepest hills. This powerful motor is paired with a long-range 48V/14Ah lithium battery featuring Samsung cells and management system, which has a high capacity and thus an extended range. With 4.22” fat tire and unique design, the PLUM GT5 can be used as a beach cruiser, commuting ebike or dirt bike.
ebikezoom plum electric chopper bike
Key features:
Chopper is the symbol of American culture. A huge presence in pop-culture, reliability, a long-lasting history, and a link to Harley-Davidson. All of these things combined make the chopper as recognizable as the Coca-Cola logo. We can see the chopper in the films, TV shows or the music videos, and there are lot of fans of chopper. The electric chopper bike is not popular because there is not so much choice. I believe more manufacturers will produce chopper ebike and we can find more chopper ebike models in the market.
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