Ecotric Electric Bike Review- The Folding Fat Tire FAT20810

ecotric electric bike

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The Ecotric Electric Bike FAT20810 is among those uncommon, full-size electric mountain bikes still supplying a fully folding framework. These days, these styles are more difficult to find, as several folding ebike designs embrace a smaller-sized, urban-use design. Nonetheless, the Ecotric FAT20810 boasts an uncommon layout with 20 ″ fat tires supplying cyclists better grasp as well as control on a variety of tricky terrains. Alongside this, the highly receptive front & rear disc brakes, even more, use motorcyclists boosted control during sharp as well as abrupt quits.

Using off-road functionality as well as hill climbing capability, the Ecotric flawlessly matches make use of in both city and also country settings. It is adapted for both roadside and also off-road usage. All in all, the Ecotric FAT20810 certainly is a well constructed yet cost-efficient electrical bicycle loaded with features.


Powered by a humble 500 W motor, this Ecotric Folding Fat Tire ebike supplies a top speed of as much as 20 miles per hour, with an average range of approximately 18-23 miles (throttle mode).

The riders can take it even better in pedal-assist mode, ejecting a couple of additional miles and also obtaining some exercise. Moreover, cyclists have a range of modes to select from, consisting of pedal-only, pedal assist and throttle only. Besides, the 7-speed transmission system means bikers will constantly have the ideal equipment for their riding.

With the 500W electric motor, taking on the challenging surface and significant hills position no hazard to this exceptional electrical mountain bicycle; putting it firmly as one of the very best electric bikes for hillsides.

Ecotric Electric Bike FAT20810 motor

500 Watt brushless hub motor

Powered by a 500 W motor, this Ecotric FAT20810 offers a top speed of up to 20 mph (throttle mode), with riders having the capacity to lend a leg to go faster.

After all, everyone wants a quick charging, high capacity battery to extend long-range as well as powerful performance. The Ecotric Fat Tire ebike’s completely removable 36V 12ah Lithium-ion battery results in the riders can charge their battery anywhere easily. Together with this, the battery also locks into the bike in order to prevent theft.

The Ecotric FAT20810 does provide a charge time of 5-8 hrs, still much faster than lots of competitors. Additionally, the throttle mode range of up to 23 miles coupled with charge time also makes the Ecotric ebike an outstanding commuting eBike, alongside additionally suiting off-road as well as commuting use. The batteries suited to this electric bike are all top quality Lithium-ion cells likely to last 3+ years as well as the Ecotric supply an 18-month warranty for the battery.

LED with Power display, 6KM constant speed cruise, and three-speed cycle display.

The aluminum alloy frame with a streamlined design is excellent. All it takes is the moving of one pin in the center of the frame as well as the bike folds up in half, front-wheel parallel to the back wheel. This makes it much easier to keep if you have limited room. The folding part of the bike is quite useful and well designed. The handlebars can be quickly folded down to make the bike even more compact.


Ecotric offers lots of spares & accessories for the Ecotric ebike alongside the other models. These spares & accessories are a great way to repair when there is something wrong. When components start to fail, these Ecotric spares/accessories allow you to easily and effectively fix them yourself.

Besides the motor, the Ecotric fat bike is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed gear. You can pedal this bike without the assist system when you want some exercise or a low battery.

Ecotric Electric Bike FAT20810 gear
Ecotric Electric Bike FAT20810 fat tire

The 20″X 4.0″ all-terrain fat tires provide improved grip and traction on snow, sand and other complex topography.

18 months warranty against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship on its frame, battery, motor, controller, and display.



Ecotric has pulled through one more time with an exciting folding fat tire ebike. It’s unusual to see a folding bike with such powerful off-road performance, especially for a competitive cost. Its 500W electric motor propels it to a top speed of 20 miles per hour. This Ecotric electric bike costs about $850. And it is a good choice when comparing to the competitors.


Electric Folding Bike Review 1 Year 1,500 Miles Later, Ecotric Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

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