Rattan ebike LM750 Review—A better choice than Radmini

Rattan ebike LM750

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The market is flooded with folding electric bikes right now, but the Rattan ebike LM750 gets a little different than the norm because it has all the features that people usually comment and they want to see.

The Rattan ebike LM750 is an electric folding fat tire bike by Rattan. Its sleek and functional design make it ideal for city dwellers who are looking for a commuting bike. The all terrain fat tires and overall durability make it a great option for trail riding. The patent I-PAS technology makes the bike more effective than the regular E-Bikes. Plus, its small size and ability to fold into thirds makes it an ideal ebike for storage and transport, wherever you plan to ride.


On the LM750, there is a 750-watt hub motor with 65 Nm of torque. The motor of Rattan Lm750 is kind of special which is very different from other electric bikes. The motors of Rattan have what’s called I-PAS technology or intelligent power assist system technology which is supposed to make the motor 83 percent more efficient and save more than 50 percent of the battery power according to Rattan. So the I-PAS technology is going to feed unused kinetic energy back into usable energy into the battery basically going to extend the range.

The bike can switch on cruise control automatically. Any time your Rattan LM750 cruises at the same speed for 5 seconds, it will lock into that speed.

The motor is going to bring this bike up to a top speed of about 28 miles per hour which you can reach with the throttle on the right hand side or with the cadence sensing pedal assist.

The battery on the Rattan ebike is going to be a 48 volt 13AH silverfish style battery for an estimated max range of 80 miles. The battery is removable. If you want to remove the battery from the frame you have to take out the seat post which you can do with a quick release. Once the seat post and saddle are out of the bike. Then you can pull the battery out .

48V 13Ah Lithium-ion Battery.

The LM750 has a very nice LCD screen and it’s easy to see in daylight. It has a USB port that can actually be used to charge a phone. It’s worth mention that the left side throttle means a bit of reach to access some of the controls but the mode selection that’s in a sweet spot and all that’s really needed.

Backlit LCD with charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, pedal assist level, wattmeter, and more

The Rattan ebike LM750 is an aluminum alloy frame with a curb weight of about 64 pounds which is definitely a little bit heavier than average. This frame is first and foremost it has a dual stage locking mechanism for the folding part on the main tube there. So that means that if it does come undone while you’re riding, that second latching system is going to be like a safety pin that’s going to help prevent the latch from actually opening all the way.

Additionally, there are the two large gussets to add support and strength to the frame that top gusset is also a great place to put your hand. So you can pick up the bike right from that gusset on the top of the frame there and it’s easy to move it around while it’s in the unfolded.

The Rattan ebike is designed to fold into a compact form in order to facilitate storage and transportation . When folded, it can be easily carried into your house or on public transportation. The bike can be easily folded by flipping the switch.

There are a lot of accessories on this bike. You get front suspension, fenders, seat post suspension, rear seat, foot pegs, Integrated carrier on LM750. The accessories are useful and all of these will bring you great convenience while riding.

Rattan ebike lm750 detail2
Rattan ebike lm750 detail
Rattan ebike lm750 foot peg1

The 60 millimeters of travel spring front suspension does its job perfectly well. It’s pretty much designed to smooth out bumps on the road maybe some like light dirt trails. This bike also has a seat post suspension which make the ride more enjoyable. The seat post suspension has about 30 millimeters of travel. Just like the front suspension, the seat suspension will smooth out bumpy roads and make the rides more comfy and more enjoyable for longer distance tracks.

Rattan ebike lm750 front suspention
Rattan ebike lm750 seat post suspention

The Rattan ebike has Tektro mechanical disc brakes 180 millimeter rotors in the front and the rear plenty of stopping power on these brakes. The LM750 also has motor inhibitors built in which is fantastic especially for a bike that has this high of a top speed 28 plus miles per hour. This bike also has cadence sensors. Those cadence sensors have some latency and the motor inhibitors instantly cut power to the motor whenever you depress the brake. So you’re never going to be fighting against the motor and it’s going to ensure that you have the shortest possible stopping distance.

Rattan ebike lm750 disc brake

Front 180mm and rear 160mm TEKTRO mechanical disc brake

The Rattan LM750 also has integrated lighting systems. The headlight and the taillight are integrated right into the electronics so you can activate and deactivate them right from the control center. The headlight and taillight are relatively bright not super bright and they’re going to help increase your visibility and increase your safety. The oncoming traffic can see you more easily.

Rattan ebike lm750 headlight
Rattan ebike lm750 taillight

The Rattan LM750 folding electric bike uses a Shimano Altus derailleur and has 7 speeds which can be selected through the Shimano trigger shifter on the right side of the handlebars.

Rattan ebike lm750 gear
rattan ebike fat tire

4.0-inch fat tires provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain. The fat tires are designed to reduce the cumulated pressure of the bike and biker by adding extra contact surface. It is possible to riding in the snow with these all-terrain tires.

The Rattan LM750 folding electric bike has a 1-year comprehensive warranty and a 1-year warranty for the battery.

The Rattan LM750 and Rad Power RadMini 4 are quite popular in the market. Comparing LM750 and Radmini, Most of the features of these two models are the exactly same. We list these identical features of the two models:

 Rattan LM750Radmini 4
Battery 48V 13AH lithium battery 48V 14AH lithium battery
Motor 750W high speed brushless motor 750W high speed brushless motor
Charging time 4-5 hours6 hours
Mileage 60-80 miles(PAS mode) and 50 miles (electric mode)45miles(PAS mode)
Top speed up to 28MPH up to 20MPH
Frame16“ foldable aluminum16“ foldable aluminum
Front Suspension aluminum spring suspension fork aluminum spring suspension fork
Seat post suspensionYN
Brake front 180mm and rear 160mm TEKTRO mechanical disc brake with cadence senserTektro 180 mm front and rear
Tires 20inch*4.0 all terrain tire20” x 3”
Display YL80C LCD displayBacklit LCD
Transmission Shimano 7 speed and Shimano thumb shifter Shimano 7 speed and Shimano thumb shifter
Removable batteryYY
Brake LeversAluminum alloy with motor cutoff switchAluminum alloy with motor cutoff switch

As these two models share many key features, including front suspension, 7 speed transmission, and 16“ foldable aluminum frame etc. Moreover, the Rattan LM750 contains patent I-PAS technology which extends the max range of per charging to 80 miles. Besides, The LM750 contain more useful accessories like seat post suspension, rear seat, foot pegs. These will bring you great convenience while riding.

The price of Radmini is close to $1500, which makes it almost $200 more expensive than the Rattan LM750. Obviously, LM750 is a better choice.

Overall, the Rattan LM750 is a powerful machine that will take you anywhere you want to go. The patent I-PAS technology is impressive and that makes the bike 83% more efficient than the others. The bike offers decent power on flat terrains and a battery that will keep your adventure going on and on. The durable 4-inch fat tires also enable you to ride smoothly on tricky road surfaces. The bike comes with a variety of practical features that allow you to go on off-road adventures without fear.

Radmini 4 is an excellent folding electric bike. But if you are looking for a bike with a better range and a more comfortable riding experience, Rattan ebike is a better choice.

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