Sur Ron X Bike Review-Better value for money than KTM Freeride E-XC

sur ron x bike

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The Sur Ron X bike was the winner of the 2018 German Red Dot Award for design with remarkable focus to detail. With excellent design and construction, riders get high quality and outstanding customer experience.

The Sur Ron electric bike is just one of the most exciting off-road ebikes in the market. The high performance yet low-cost sur ron is as powerful as many gas motorcycles. Developed for speeds up to 47 Miles Per Hour, the Sur Ron X bike is excellent for off-road adventuring. The Sur Ron ebike is budget friendly, built to take on all terrain, as well as a battery that lasts up to 3 hrs. Light-weight building and also sleek design additionally add to this electric dirt bike‘s appeal.


3000W motor with peak 6000W of power

The Sur Ron X bike includes a permanent magnetized electric motor with 6000W of power. This motor is created especially for the bike. With the axial’s ability to provide a higher rate of speed up power, it provides a greater power in a smaller package than a radial flux. The 2-stage drive mode makes motor run in high RPM without overheating or excessive noise. A belt in the 1st stage reduces noise from the RPM and a chain in the 2nd moderates the torque on the rear wheel.
Sur Ron X bike motor

Aluminum alloy frame-the bike only weights 104 lbs

The aluminum alloy frame is one of the best style features of the Sur Ron. The ebike is reinforced by the internal structure elements while the outside looks sleek and effortless. By applying a 6000-ton press to the aluminum frame, the Sur Ron X is made almost 3X stronger than other ebike without adding weight. This technology makes the bike lighter but still able to withstand significant impact.

Due to high-pressure aluminum alloy, the frame of Sur Ron combines strength with lightweight construction. The Sur Ron X bike weighs in at only 104lbs but can support up to 220lbs. This lighter ebike can make the riding experience easier and more responsive handling.
Sur Ron X bike frame

Battery and Chrager-60v 32ah Battery only takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours to charge

The battery is a gigantic 60 volt 32ah with 176 Panasonic Cells. The battery is placed in the middle of the ebike. The 20lbs battery can be quickly swapped under a locked compartment. This bike is accomplished with a high rate of discharge in the Panasonic 18650 battery’s cells. The 18650 cells provide superior ability to keep up with high-drain devices which allows for a longer charge.

The 10A charger of Sur Ron works with the battery to charge faster, prolong battery life and optimize range. Despite this long charging capability, the huge 60v 32ah battery only takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours to fulfill. The charger is equipped with an outer fan. This can protected the charger from overheating even in warm weather, which makes it safer and more reliable.

Top speed- 47 miles per hour

Multiple factors affect each rider’s top speed and range. The rougher terrain and faster speed, the less distance you will cover. While riding at the top speed of 47 MPH, only around 30 miles may be covered, and the battery will last around an hour. Riders who ride at top speed and taking on hills and dirt will get even less distance, maybe only 15 miles.

Front and seat post suspension

Sur Ron tapped into motocross suspension design to up the ride quality of this electric dirt bike. With a front and rear suspension to rival more expensive electric bikes, the Sur Ron X bike provides optimal shock absorption.

The rear suspension combines with added linkage for smooth compression. Superior compression ensures that your swing arm can respond to changes in the road easily when riding at full throttle. Nevertheless, Sur Ron also offers a harder compression for the 2nd part of compression which enables the bike to take the impact of bigger jumps. DNM Volcano powers the front compression can be adjusted for a different riding experience

The suspension makes riding much longer ranges more comfortable even more fun as well. Quality suspension added to the sensation of balance and also control. With the better contact of tires, the riders feel stable and the steering easily.

LCD Screen

On the left side of the handlebar is the digital LCD display. The screen will display your speed and the trip odometer, which you can reset with the small button.

The Sur Ron X has a very nice LCD screen and it’s easy to see in daylight. It has a USB port which can actually be used to charge a phone.

Range-20 to 60 miles per charge

Sur Ron advertises a range of 20 to 60 miles per charge, but it depends on how you ride, the weight, and the condition of terrain you ride on.

Lighting system

The Sur Ron X bike has a Dual LED front headlight that is very bright. The tail light is illuminated and does not light up when braking. The bike has no toggle switch for the lights, the lights are always on and you can’t turn them off.

Sur Ron X bike VS. KTM Freeride E-XC

KTM is a dominant motorcycle company nowadays. The company made its first electric dirt bike-the Freeride E-XC. It is considered as the best electric dirt bike which features a brushless 18 kW motor, WP XPLOR suspension front and rear, lightweight frame. But in the real world, Sur Ron X has almost the same performance as KTM Freeride, but only 40% of the price. The Sur Ron is much better value for money than KTM Freeride E-XC.



For off-road adventuring, the Sur Ron X bike can not be defeated in terms of value as well as top quality. The bike incorporates attributes like motocross suspension and a fast-charging battery with a low price point. This makes it suitable for both newbies and also even more experienced riders. The Sur Ron is light-weight at 100lbs. The power to weight ratio is remarkable, permitting you to quickly steer the bike. The bike is easy to maintain with the electric motor. And It’s also easy to load into a car or truck.
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