Swagtron eb5 Pro Plus Review-The best folding electric bike under 600


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Swagtron EB5 pro plus is an updated version of the Swagtron EB5, this design offers an incredibly budget-friendly ride. EB5 pro plus is a trendy little foldable electrical bike that features a cruising variety of 15 miles and also maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour. It’s an enjoyable means to do local commutes or cruise ship about as well as have tons of fun. The EB5 is power-assisted so you can pedal together with it and also it can conveniently be tossed into the trunk of your cars and truck, or put it right into smaller rooms for storage space.

The EB5 pro plus is a very smooth riding electric bike. The EB-5 is very easy to operate. It comes near fully constructed with everything you need. With pedals, you can still ride it like a routine road bike.

I really enjoy the style of Swagtron EB5 as it looks much like a normal bike. People might not know that you are riding an electric bike since the battery is concealed inside the primary framework.
This great ebike offers an affordable commuting remedy for inner-city bikers.


Frame-Aluminum alloy, the bike only weighs 37lbs

The Aluminum alloy frame is stiff and light, alongside its sturdy 264 lbs weight limit. It is pretty small after folding and also you can fit 2 and even 3 of those bikes into a vehicle trunk. The folding as well as unfolding procedures are quite straightforward, just like any other folding e-bikes. The bike is rather light-weight at 37 lbs, it weighs almost the same as the costly GoCycle.

Swagtron Eb5 Pro Plus frame

Speed & Acceleration-Top speed up to 15.5 miles per hour

The acceleration of eb5 is nice and quick on flat ground. It performs at its ideal on flat completely dry ground. Swagtron states you can obtain the complete 15.5 miles at 15.5 miles per hour with the throttle completely open which is remarkable. The battery life does really feel good. Acceleration is smooth, rapidly starting and also stopping continuously is crisp without degradation as you anticipate.

The EB5 is designed to overcome up to a 25-degree slope. Relying on your weight you may locate steeper hills slower to work out under electric power. If the incline is too much, You can also add in some pedal power.

Power-250W hub motor

Powered by a 250W electric motor, riders are pushed to speeds of as much as 15.5 mph. Alongside this, feel free to pick from 3 riding settings, each offering different levels of power. These riding settings are perfect for learning the ropes of riding. Nonetheless, please note that variables like biker weight, incline, terrain, and so on will impact the performance of the bike.

Range - 15.5 miles

Fuelled by a fully UL certified Lithium-ion battery, riders should expect an ordinary approx. 15.5 miles per charge. However, cyclists can additionally use the detachable battery function by replacing your dead battery with a totally charged one; effectively doubling, tripling on your mileage. Just like speed, please note that variables such as incline, terrain, weight, etc. will certainly impact the performance.

Swagtron Eb5 Pro Plus battery

IPX4 water proof

The EB-5 has an ipx4 water resistance rating. This aids in protecting the ebike against splashes and mild bursts of water, but not suitable for sustained high-pressure water jets.


The bike does finest on level asphalt but did fine over a variety of terrain. The EB5 is not created and neither do we recommend you attempt anything unusual. But it’s a bike and also it brings out the child in you, you could attempt some bunny hops, little curb jump, or a wheelie.

Warranty-1 year limited warranty

This Limited Warranty covers the original purchaser from any defects in material or workmanship under normal use for one year.

EB5 Pro Vs. EB5 Pro Plus

EB5 Pro Plus and EB5 Pro are almost the same. The battery of EB5 Pro Plus is removable and this brings more convenient when charging.

 eb5 Pro Pluseb5 Pro
FrameAluminum alloyAluminum alloy
Folded Size26 x 15.6 x 23.6 inches26 x 15.6 x 23.6 inches
Open Size49.2 x 21.7 x 34.9 inches49.2 x 21.7 x 34.9 inches
Weight37 lbs / 16.8 kg37 lbs / 16.8 kg
Wheel Size14-inch front/rear14-inch front/rear
Removable BatteryYN
Motor250 watts250 watts
Battery36V 7.8Ah36V 7.8Ah
Charging Time4-5 hours4-5 hours
Battery Mileage15.5 mile15.5 mile
Maximum Speed15.5 mph (throttle only)15.5 mph (throttle only)
Maximum Load264 lbs264 lbs
Seat Height29-39 inches29-39 inches
Maximum Incline25 degrees (throttle only)25 degrees (throttle only)
Water ResistanceIPX4IPX4
AccessoriesBells, reflectors, kickstandBells, reflectors, kickstand



All kind of riders should have no trouble taking this electric Bike all over they go, even public transportation. Not only this, but the low-down framework makes mounting & dismounting your flight a breeze, best for elder bikers or those with mobility demands. Judging from everything we have actually seen up until now, I feel great this is intended as an electrical bike for commuters, students and also cyclists alike.

You can additionally select from 3 colors to match your design, ranging from black, blue & white. Carrying on to the swappable battery design selection, commonly booked for higher-spec & much more pricey versions. This removeable battery enables you to extend your trip time indefinitely; as long as you have a sufficient spare batteries in your backpack!

In addition, these batteries are all totally UL certified, passing a number of stringent fire & electric safety standards. Altogether, I feel this is a great budget friendly ebike, ideal for various demands.


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